Flour Lab Instrument

Gluten Washer

By washing flour to get wet gluten.

Protein Nitrogen Vaporizer

Used to determine the protein content.

Gluten Index Tester

Used for separating water from wet gluten.

Protein Nitrogen Evaporator

Preparing for flour sample to protein test.

Gluten Dryer

Measure dry gluten content of wheat flour.

Whiteness Tester

Used to detect the blue whiteness on the surface.

Falling Number Tester

Used to determine the amylase activity of grain.

Lab Flour Sifter

Used to test the fineness of powdery material.

Flour Lab Instrument

Lab Flour Mill

Big scale laboratory mill for commmercial analysis..

Halogen Moisture Meter

Used to test moisture content of powder.

Hammer Cyclone Mill

Fine milling to get sample for falling number testing.

Grain Moisture Meter

Test moisture content of all kinds of grain.

Lab Crush Mill

One kind of small crusher with blade milling.

Electric Resistance Furance

Test ash content of flour by high tempeature heating.

Lab Crusher Mill

One kind of small crusher with millstone disk.

Hectoliter Weight

Used to test wheat seed weight per liter.

Flour Lab Instrument

Metal Measurement

Used to test metal content of flour.

Flour Farinograph

Used to have analysis on flour quality.

Thermostatic Oven

Store sample in constant temperature environment.

Dough Extensograph

Measure dough extension capacity.

Eelctronic Balance

Use to precisely measure sample weight.

Grain Selector Sifter

To separate impurity from grain sample.

Flour Knife Tools

Used for sample preparing before test beginning.

Aflatoxin Tester

Used to analysis the lowest content of fluorescence.